Saturday, 14 May 2016

Premier League 2015-16 Shooting Vs Scoring | Insights

     2015-16 season has been the season which witnessed arguably the best underdog fairy tail story. These are the moments we watch football for. The dared to dream it and acheived the unthinkable. This is why we just love this beautiful game.

     On the other hand, this has been a disappointing season for most of the top guns. The title favorites didn't even played a meaningful part in the tile race. The likes of Arsenal, Manchester Clubs, Chelsea can not let this season happen to them again.

     This so far has been all what you know, lets shift our focus to what you don't.

     Five Insights to take away from the above plot are :

1. Tottenham Hotspurs averages the maximum shots-a-game on average : 17.33 a game. They also have impressive scoring records with 1.86 goals-a-game, second to City only. 
     This season Spurs have shown positive signs, mostly inspired by their youth. Good times might just be around the corner for Spurs fans if they can manage to keep hold of the present lot of players and their manager.

2. Manchester City is not in the position expected of them this season, but scoring goals is not to be blamed for their failure in pushing for the Premier League title. City's strike force managed to score 1.88 goals-a-game, more than any other side in the division with third highest shooting average in the League. 
     The problems for the Cityzens has been on the other side of the field with their skipper struggling to maintain full fitness. 

3. Leicester City, well its hard to talk about 2015-16 Premier League season without mentioning Leicester City. They are the third top scores in the League just behind Spurs and City, even though they rank at far 8th spot in average shots-a-game, just above the League average. Some Accuracy !
     It will be really interesting to see what fate Leicester's fortunes take next season. Champions League maybe !

4. Manchester United have struggled this season for both goals and shots. They find themselves in the mix of mid- table teams in the shooting and scoring charts, 14th and 10th respectively in the division.
     Apparently, the reason for such a 'good' League position for the Reds despite such poor performance infront of the opposition goals is their tight defense which managed highest clean sheets this season. "Philosophy" I guess.

5. Aston Villa has had a season to forget, scoring the least no. of goals-a-game in the League this season. Surprisingly, one thing they can take proud in is the fact that they have outshot West Brom which is the shiest attack in the League.
     Its Championship for them next season, lowering the Difficulty level always helps may that be FIFA or in real life !

     Thats all for this Premier League season. Euros next !

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