Sunday, 17 April 2016

La Liga 2015-16 Shooting Vs Scoring | Insights

     It has been a tremendous season for Barcelona both on their Domestic as well as European Fonts, but not now. The ultimate dream of repeating a treble is gone following their defeat to Athletico Madrid over two legs of the Quarter-final in Champions League.

     For Real Madrid, when you thought the season couldn't have gone any worse especially after that Wolfsburg defeat in Germany, fate takes a strange turn. Into the Semis of Champions League and closing the gap on League leaders Barcelona and ofcourse lets admit it, they added joy of Barcelona being eliminated from Champions League.

     Truth to be told, both of them are in a league of their own domestically with Athletico Madrid appearing on the fringes every now and them. There is no doubt about the goal scoring expertise of these two great clubs, but how they perform put against the rest of clubs and ofcourse against each other.


     Real Madrid and Barcelona are in a league of their own, with Real Madrid hitting more shots and more goals per game than any other side in Spanish top division.

     Five Insights to take away from the above plot are :

1. Real Madrid undoubtedly is the most attacking side in La Liga, significantly outscoring and outshooting any other side to find themselves in the extreme top-right of the plot. They have registered 18.87 shots and 2.90 goals per game over the course of season so far. That indeed is massive but when Ronaldo is leading the attack, nothing is impossible.  

2. Barcelona compared to Madrid, looks a bit dull but when you compare them with the rest of teams in the division, difference is clearly evident. They have an impressive 2.71 goals per game showing just what MSN is capable of. They however have a better defensive record than Real Madrid conceding just 0.8 goals a game, justifying their position at the top. 

3. Athletico Madrid. Now coming back to the teams in Spain which haven't got either of the superhumans. Athletico Madrid has done exceptionally well to find themselves in the mix of teams bidding for the title. They can't be ruled out of the race as yet, not because of how many they score but because of how many they concede, just 0.5 goals a game conceded makes them the tightest defense in the League. Such fine balance between scoring and defending is the main reason for their impressive position in the league standings challenging Barcelona & Real Madrid despite just 1.68 goals per game, which is actually third best but significantly less that that of Real & Barca.

4. Villarreal is a surprise package this season. They have the second lowest no. of shots per game in the league at just 9.18, yet they find themselves at 4th position. This is down to the fact that they have third best Goals-to-Shots ratio in the league, complemented by an impressive Goal conceding rate of just 0.8 goals a game with as many as 13 clean sheets so far.

5. Espanol is the shyest team in the league in terms of shooting with just 5 shots a game. Interestingly, their Shooting accuracy is second to none with a Goals-to-Shots ratio better than that of Barcelona or either of Madrids,  or anyone in the league in that case. Apparently, if they shoot, they are quite simply more likely to score that even Barcelona or Real Madrid. Take a Bow.

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